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I have always wondered about the English and Sport.

England Cricket Team. Improving Sports in Schools.

They thought up the game of cricket. Yet, over the last decade and a half (save their recent resurgence), their team has been consistently humiliated at pitches around the world. The once dominant team is rarely able to command the quality or consistency of form it once enjoyed.

Ditto for Hockey. Also Soccer. The pound makes the English Soccer League the primary theater of the game, but that national team is rarely able to provide such visual appeal.

In fact, many commentators have bemoaned the armchair sports enthusiast now growing increasingly popular in England. The statistics seem to endorse this: a government report states that one in 5 Brits is obese, a number that has trebled in the last twenty years.

Gordon Brown may be attempting to change that. He has introduced legislation to make it compulsory for every child under 16 to have 5 hours a week of sport. The BBC reports in this article:


A campaign to make sport a part of every child’s day has been announced by Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Building on an earlier drive, he wants all school children to get the chance to do five hours of sport a week.

“Watching sport is a national pastime. Talking about sport is a national obsession. But now we need to make taking part in sport a national characteristic.” said the Prime Minister.


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