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I came across an piece of news that struck me as very odd. This one is from Qatar.

Education Minister Nouriya Al-Sabeeh said yesterday the ministry wished to establish an educational TV station within the next three years to keep parents informed on their children’s education and limit illegal private tutoring.

I could not find any details on what the TV Station will drive into homes by way of content, but I’m assuming that it will have 2 purposes:

i) To educate parents on what happens at school- presumably the government has a curriculum thats standard across the country, with all schools teaching the same thing any given day.

ii) To educate children – through video lessons, Concept-building Tips and maybe even a Dr. Maths kind of Agony-uncle or aunt;hence limiting illegal tutoring by reducing the need for it.

I found 3 elements strange:

a) Why would one want to make tutoring illegal? Unless you have improved your schools, tutoring offers important scaffolding.

b) How would a TV Station help. Given the assumption that there are 12 year groups and kids have 10 hours of non-sleep, non-school time per day available, it still translates to under 45 minutes per call for all 8 subjects daily. Ridiculous.

c) I won’t even go into the lack of feedback to students or the lack of personalised instruction – both quintessential elements of the tutoring system

But I guess the Qatar Government has it’s reasons. If you would like to read more about Education in Qatar, this post over at Pilka that has links to a few articles from the education blogosphere may be a good place to start. I would encourage you to spend some time surfing their other articles as well, especially if you are interested in interesting education tidbits from around the world.


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