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The post title is in jest and the post itself is a short one. Anupam Kher (for those who haven’t watched Hindi movies, he is an actor par excellence) wants to starts Schools. Schools for Spiritual Upliftment. He says his courses would help people Be. Read the excerpt below:


“It will not be an ‘Art of Living’ course. I’d describe it as a ‘Power of Living” course. My schools would show the common man why he needn’t be afraid to show his real emotions. When I was a struggler in Mumbai I was told not to eat with loud chomps or laugh too loudly although I enjoyed doing both. I’d rush to the beach every morning and laugh as hard as I could. Why is an unbridled emotional expression considered down-market? More importantly why are we so insecure about our level of achievements? The ad slogan ‘Bhala uski shirt meri shirt se zyada safed kyon?’ has become a mantra for modern living. There was a time when I was getting Filmfare awards every year. Then they stopped, even the nomination. I battled with my competitive insecurities until this seeming snub ceased to matter. My autobiographical play Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai helped me to overcome my aspirational insecurities. I want the Change Within courses to show how an individual can be secure content and at peace within his or her space.”


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