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Repairman, the experienced-sage-advice-bestowing Edublogger just tagged me with this. According to the rules (set herewith) I have to:

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Now I’ve got to try very hard to make sure this isn’t the most dull thing you’ll read on the site 🙂 Here goes:


There was a boy of five,

On gimmickery and acting he would thrive,

An actor one day did him see,

Offered him a part in a movie!


I was fond of cartoons and comedy,

But my favourite was car you see,

My family slept in boredom, I laughed in glee,

Over and over I watched Herbie!


(Above: Original poster print from the 1980 movie)

I’ve always wanted to sing in public,

After they’ve passed out the earmuffs!,

Been asked to “keep shut”, my singing called “sick”

You get the drift, it’s been real rough!


I dreamt of writing a book since I was six,

But till that happens, articles have been my fix.

Written for the major dailies,

I’ve scripted for television,

But blogging best meets his passion.


Best thing that happened to me,

Was volunteering after the tsunami,

The pain, the death, the devastation left me bare,

It’s made me a better person, this experience is rare.

woman mourns dead after tsunami

(Above: A woman mourns the dead as she looks out to burning pyres in Nagappattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India where I worked)

Heard on anyone who spent his money,

Not on food and drink, but on a book?

more than a quarter of my earning,

Still dedicated to Kundera, Senge and Browning!


Was invited to talk at a UN meeting last year,

It sounded dull, I wanted to steer clear,

But I did go, turned out to be the best experience of my life,

For at that roundtable, I met my wife!


As I come down to eight,

It’s been fun at any rate;

There’s one left- you should show it,

The author is a published poet!


If you’ve made it so far, commendations on your patience! As for linking to other blogs, I’m going to do a recce on other bloggers and get back.
Thanks for reading!


Image Courtesy:

1. Herbie Love Bug Page at VW Toy

2. Tsunami page at Boston.com


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