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anil kumble hits maiden test century



Above: Anil Kumble acknowledges the applause after his maiden test hundred at the Oval.


I love Cricket.


A large portion of my readership is from outside the Commonwealth, so if you are amongst those don’t know much about it, read articles here and here that explain. That’s if you can indeed explain the passion, the intensity or the euphoria the game evokes in those of us who love it. (if you really don’t know about Cricket, do bear with me! To my EduReader friends, my apologies!)

India’s old warhorse, Anil Kumble, just scored an unbeaten 110 against England in the 3rd and Final Test at the Oval. A 100 runs. Anil Kumble, who’s been an untiring servant for India. A century for the first time in an 18 year career. Anil Kumble who once took ten wickets in an inning against the old enemy. Anil Kumble whose 550 wickets each stand for the untiring guile with which he’s won countless games for India. Anil Kumble, probably the most ignored champion of Indian sport.

When Kumble edged one past Prior to get a 100, I almost had tears in my eyes. Kumble is a giant-hearted performer, a great sportsman and someone who commands your respect with his sincerity and humility. If there is one cricketer you’d want to model your young wards after, it would be Kumble.

He’s had an ordinary tournament so far and in this, probably his last Test match as an Indian cricketer in England, I wanted him to leave his mark.

Well done, Kumble. May you go from strength to strength. The whole nation applauds You.

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(Image Courtesy: Getty Images, via Cricinfo.com)

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